Terms & Conditions

1 – Definitions: Harvinder Singh trading as Mobile PC Guru; hereafter referred to as Mobile PC Guru. Mobile PC Guru registered office at: 45 Woodland Avenue, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6DD.

Anyone requiring the services of Mobile PC Guru is hereafter referred to as “the customer”.

Any article, software, hardware and associated accessories or tangible objects belonging to the customer is hereafter referred to as “item” for sigular and “items” for plural.

2 – The £25 Fee: We only charge a £25 diagnostic fee in certain cases and only with your prior agreement. This is to cover the time spent on collection and return of the item, fault diagnosis, re-assembly of the item. There will be a £25 fee in the following cases:

(a) A £25 fee is charged if the repair process is halted due to unavailability of necessary parts for the repair and the item is returned to the customer.

(b) A £25 fee is charged if the customer cancels the repair after it has been agreed and once the item has been received. If Mobile PC Guru has purchased any parts necessary for the repair, this charge will be passed on to the customer.

(c) In the event an item is returned under the 3 month guarantee period and the item is found to have a fault that is not stated on the original invoice, a £25 fee charge will be charged. However if the customer wishes to go ahead and repair the new fault found with Mobile PC Guru this fee will be waived and the new fault is subject to our terms and conditions.

No-Fix-no-fee means in the event we are unable to repair the item we will return it free of charge.

3 – Data Backup / Recovery of Computerised Data: Mobile PC Guru recommends that customers backup their own data before any item is given to Mobile PC Guru. If required Mobile PC Guru will backup/recover data if possible, but cannot guarantee this. Mobile PC Guru will not be responsible for any loss of data or software due to system failure. The customer is 100% responsible for backup of such data.

4 – Collect and Return: Mobile PC Guru operates a collect and return service within a 15 mile radius of its trading premises (hereinafter referred to as “visit”). Mobile PC Guru reserves the right to alter or withdraw service without notice. Where a customer has made an arrangement for a visit with Mobile PC Guru and the customer is not at the agreed premises at the agreed time and date on arrival of Mobile PC Guru representative, then for any subsequent visit Mobile PC Guru reserves the right to charge £25 per visit.

Customers may collect or deliver their items to Mobile PC Guru by arrangement. Please telephone to confirm the availability of Mobile PC Guru personnel.

5 – Unclaimed Items: Once a customer’s item has been repaired or has been declared irreparable or Mobile PC Guru is awaiting customer’s response, it may be collected within 60 days from the time the customer is informed. If the customer fails to collect the said item, the customer will lose ownership of the said item. Mobile PC Guru reserves the right to dispose of the item.

6 – Quotations: Where a customer requires a quotation it must be accepted within 5 working days of being quoted. For customer’s who’s items are at Mobile PC Guru premises, they may email, telephone, text or post to express your intimate instructions.

7 – Payment: Mobile PC Guru accepts payments by cash, online payment or guaranteed cheque. Online payment must be received prior to return/collection. Where a customer has received a repaired item in good faith, but payment has not been made, that payment is due in 14 days of the invoice date.

Mobile PC Guru reserves the right to ask for full or part payment prior to work being commenced.

Should payment not be received on the due date, a cheque not honoured or an online payment not received or is reversed, then Mobile PC Guru will charge interest as detailed in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002 which allows interest to be charged at 8% over the bank of England Base rate and allows recovery of other expenses ( https://payontime.co.uk).

Any item received for repair remains the property of Mobile PC Guru until the invoice amount is paid in full within the maximum period of 60 days. If the invoice is still not paid, then the customer will lose ownership of the item and Mobile PC Guru reserves the right to dispose of the item.

Mobile PC Guru takes the non-payment of its invoices very seriously and does pursue outstanding debts.

8 – Guarantee: Mobile PC Guru offers a 3 month guarantee (unless stated otherwise) on hardware repairs only.

In the event a guarantee return where no parts have been purchased, we will do our best to repair it. However if a guarantee repair requires any parts, the customer should pay for them. If the customer does not wish to pay for parts Mobile PC Guru will return the item without repair to the customer and no refund of the original repair will apply.

If a hardware repair is undertaken and any parts provided / installed fail after the 3 month guarantee period is over, but still has manufacturer’s warranty, we can undertake the repair. However a labour charge will apply.

9 – Disclaimer: Mobile PC Guru accepts no liability in respect of any problem(s) it may not be able to remedy due to any matter beyond its control. This includes, but is not limited to the age, specification or condition of the customer’s item.

Under no circumstances shall Mobile PC Guru be liable, either in contract, tort or otherwise, to the customer, its employees, agents, or any third party, for any injury or damages, including without limitation, any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, expenses, costs, profits, lost savings or earnings, interruption to business activity, lost or corrupted data, or other liability arising out of, or related to the services provided by Mobile PC Guru, or out of the installation, de-installation, use of, or inability to use the customer’s computer equipment, hardware, software or peripherals. The customer will, upon demand, indemnify Mobile PC Guru in respect of any loss, damage or injury arising from the provision of the services. For the avoidance of doubt Mobile PC Guru has no liability for customer data lost, or damage incurred in any circumstances whatsoever.

10 – Offers:

Mobile PC Guru witholds the right to withdraw any of it’s offers without prior notification.